Psychopharmacology Treatment Options in Midtown and Lower Manhattan

Principium Psychiatry offers psychopharmacology treatment for patients with mental health conditions. If you think you have depression, anxiety, PTSD or another psychiatric condition, we can help.

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What Is Psychopharmacology?

In psychiatry, psychopharmacology refers to the practice of treating mental health conditions with medication. Some patients with mental health conditions may benefit from prescription drugs that manage chemical balances in the brain. Psychopharmacology services involve prescribing these medicines and monitoring their doses. As a psychopharmacology patient at Principium Psychiatry, you’ll get expert prescribing and medication monitoring.

Psychopharmacologist vs. Psychiatrist

The fields of psychopharmacology and psychiatry overlap in many elements, with a few differences between the terms. A psychiatrist provides mental health care using a combination of techniques, including psychopharmacology. A psychopharmacologist specializes in mental health medication. Our staff has expertise in both fields and will help you find a treatment focus that works for your symptoms.

Psychopharmacologists in NYC

Principium Psychiatry offers psychopharmacology services near you to help you receive the medications needed to manage your mental health symptoms. With our offices located throughout the heart of New York City, you can rest assured your psychopharmacologist will work with you to ensure the best treatment for you.

What Disorders Can Psychopharmacology Help?

Psychopharmacology benefits people of varying ages and with diverse mental health conditions. Whether you are searching for your first treatment or switching to a new one, we can help. The disorder’s psychopharmacology can treat include:

Depression is a mood disorder that can cause patients to feel sad and hopeless and even lose interest in things for a consistent period or over the long term. Symptoms of depression could get bad enough to affect your daily life, making it hard to do everyday tasks or even get up in the morning.

While anxiety is quite a normal feeling from time to time, suffering through anxiousness all the time is not. GAD occurs when a person has ongoing anxiety that is challenging to control, so it begins affecting their everyday activities, decisions and well-being.

Panic disorders occur when someone has repeated panic attacks and episodes of intense fear and anxiety that trigger physical responses. The attacks can feel like you’re having heart issues, losing control, having difficulty breathing or even like you’re dying. A panic disorder can make attacks happen spontaneously, affecting your quality of life.

PTSD typically occurs after an individual experiences or witnesses something traumatic. When someone has PTSD, anything could trigger their fight or flight response, causing severe anxiety, nightmares or uncontrollable flashbacks and thoughts about the event.

ADHD is a mental disorder that makes it difficult for individuals to pay attention and control their impulsive behavior or hyperactivity. Some ADHD symptoms can affect a person’s ability to complete everyday tasks and activities.

Individuals with bipolar disorder experience drastic mood swings that can cause depression or mania. They could have a depressive phase when they lose all interest and motivation to do anything. Then, they could have a manic phase that makes them lose their sense of reality and experience high energy, making sleep irrelevant.

People with schizophrenia have a mental disorder that makes it challenging to think, feel and behave normally. They may suffer from delusions, hallucinations or disordered thinking, making daily functioning difficult.

Psychopharmacology also helps people with substance use disorders or neurocognitive disorders like dementia or Parkinson’s.

Types of Medications Available

Just as many kinds of mental health conditions exist, so do medications for these disorders. The right type of medicine for a patient depends on their diagnosis and symptoms.

Benefits of Psychopharmacology

As a treatment for mental health conditions, psychopharmacology at Principium Psychiatry provides the following benefits:

  • Tailored treatment plans: Our doctors will customize your treatment plan based on your medical profile, symptoms, situation and preferences.
  • Combining with other therapies: We can combine psychopharmacology with other treatments such as psychotherapy to address your symptoms.
  • Different dosage options: A wide range of mental health medications and dosages exist, making it possible to adjust treatment over time.

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Specialty Psychiatric Practice in Midtown and Lower Manhattan

At Principium Psychiatry, we provide cutting-edge treatments that let patients choose the best options for them. We specialize in a broad range of mental health care services to make our care available to as many people as possible. As one of our patients, you’ll receive personalized mental health services in an accepting environment.

Our practice offers these advantages:

  • Team of experts that includes psychopharmacologists, psychotherapists, specialists and nurse practitioners
  • Experienced leadership from Dr. Ziv Cohen, a faculty member of Cornell University and Columbia University
  • Convenient and beautiful office locations in midtown and Lower Manhattan near Grand Central Station and Wall Street along with two other offices in Greenwich Connecticut and Santa Monica California.

Psychopharmacology is the practice of using medication to treat mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. These medicines are designed to help change the chemical balances in the brain and provide relief to the patient.

What Are Neurotransmitters?

When you think of medication, you might think of treatments you take when you have a physical illness or chronic condition. However, they also work well for mental and behavioral disorders by working with the brain’s neurotransmitters.

A person’s brain has an average of 86 billion nerve cells that create complex neural circuits. Within this system are substances called neurotransmitters or chemical messengers. The neurotransmitters pass messages between neurons throughout the brain. Psychiatric medications can play a role in how this process works.

These medications alter the way neurons respond to or release neurotransmitters. This process can alter the signals in the brain, changing a patient’s psychological state and behaviors.

Research suggests that neurotransmitter imbalances can contribute to the development of mental health disorders like depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder and influence symptoms like fatigue and insomnia. While this oversimplifies how mental health conditions arise, it demonstrates the connection between neurotransmitter functions and mental well-being and how medication can help.

Psychopharmacologists in NYC

If you have a mental health condition and think medications could help you manage it, our team is ready to help. We use cutting-edge treatments and give you a say in deciding the best option for your well-being. Our team specializes in numerous mental health services to help ensure we can serve as many people as possible.

We have four locations currently:

If you need mental health treatment, therapy or other services, Dr. Cohen and the team at Principium can help.

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