Replenishment IV Therapy

Replenishment IV Therapy

It can be challenging to get through even the simplest tasks when you feel run down from the long-term effects of stress and anxiety. Cortisol, the chemical your body releases when you are under stress, can impact your day-to-day life to the point where even doing relaxation exercises feels taxing.

Giving your body the chance to recuperate is itself a type of therapy. Principium Psychiatry offers replenishment IV therapy that can help your body recover from the impacts of stress. Our IV drip for anxiety and stress delivers the healing benefits you need. It also treats dehydration that often accompanies the condition, which research has shown can lead to irritability, inability to concentrate and lack of energy.

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Why Choose Our Replenishment IV?

The replenishment IV restores your body’s fluid levels, treating dehydration that can prompt an electrolyte imbalance. This can help you see an improvement in energy and well-being. Often, just sitting in our office and resting while you get the IV drip can soothe your body.

We tailor the treatment to those suffering from:

  • Jet lag.
  • Work-related burnout.
  • High-stress lifestyles.

Recovering From Stress and Anxiety

Some degree of stress is unavoidable in life. Everyone has things they worry about, but sometimes those worries manifest as anxiety that makes it difficult to concentrate on anything else. Stress becomes a cycle you can’t escape, with new events triggering even more cortisol production, which keeps you in a constant state of fight or flight. These feelings of alertness and worry can prompt a long-term impact on the body.

When your stress has progressed to the point where it’s interfering with your daily life, seeking an IV for anxiety may be the answer. Our IV treatment delivers electrolytes that help restore your body’s chemical balance and metabolism. Our IV therapy also allows you to relax and reverse the pattern of cortisol release.

Stress has a daily effect on the body that you must treat to move on. IV therapy allows you to recover from the cycle of tension that makes it so difficult to get downtime. By taking care of yourself and getting the treatment you need, you show your body the care and respect it needs to feel better.

Benefit of Our Neurotherapy Add-On

In addition to our stress IV, we offer neurotherapy as an add-on, available with any of the infusion therapies provided by Principium. The injection treatment goes into your muscle and delivers vitamins that can strengthen your nervous system, including the nerves, brain and spinal cord.

With neurotherapy, you can maximize your brain’s health after treating the rest of the body with our IV drip.

The vitamins in the injection include:

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