Psychotherapy Treatment in Midtown and Lower Manhattan

Prinicipium Psychiatry offers a wide range of psychotherapy services to best fit each patient’s needs. Dr. Cohen and his team have extensive experience treating mood disorders, anxiety disorders, PTSD, attentional disorders, substance use disorders, and many other conditions.

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What Is Psychotherapy?

Also known as talk therapy, psychotherapy involves discussing your thoughts and feelings with a therapist to manage your mental health symptoms. Psychotherapy gives you a space to understand how your experiences impact your thinking. Through this knowledge, you can learn how to develop coping skills to respond to difficult situations.

Types of Psychotherapy Treatments

Different kinds of psychotherapy suit different patients. The right therapist and approach for you will depend on your symptoms and situation. During your consultation at Principium Psychiatry, we’ll work with you to find a therapy model that fits your needs. As they go through treatment, we welcome patients to let us know if they would like to try a new therapy approach or therapist.

The types of psychotherapy that we offer in our Manhattan office include:

During a CBT session, your therapist will help you identify unhealthy thinking patterns and change them to healthier ones.

Dialectical behavioral therapy works as a type of CBT that also includes learning behavioral skills.

Through psychodynamic therapy, you can look for past experiences that caused your behavior patterns and resolve them.

In interpersonal therapy, you’ll find ways to improve your interpersonal skills and relationships through healthy behaviors.

With acceptance and commitment therapy, you can accept your thoughts and feelings while committing to change.

Our team provides family and play therapy for patients of all ages.

Benefits of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy has many benefits as a mental health treatment option, including:

  • Supplementing psychopharmacology: If you take medication for your mental health condition, psychotherapy can provide even more help. When you take medicine that relieves your symptoms, it becomes easier to manage the coping skills you learn in therapy. Psychotherapy can also work as a standalone treatment for patients who don’t take medication.
  • Confidentiality: Your therapist will keep the information you tell them completely confidential, except for in rare cases involving risks to your safety. You’ll have somewhere to explore your thoughts and feelings privately.
  • Personalized approach: Psychotherapy involves a close working relationship between therapist and patient that focuses on your needs. Your therapist will get to know you and find ways to tailor your treatment to your symptoms and situations.
  • Flexibility: At Principium Psychiatry, we have multiple therapists available who specialize in many types of therapy. We can adjust your psychotherapy experience as needed to help you get the most out of your sessions.

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Therapy Sessions by Specialty Physicians in Midtown Manhattan

The team at Principium Psychiatry specializes in providing evidence-based and cutting-edge treatments for mental health conditions. Our innovative approaches to psychiatric care enable us to serve a wide range of patients with different symptoms and experiences. As one of our patients, you’ll receive expert mental health services in a compassionate environment in the heart of NYC.

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