Charles Surette, MD

Charles Surette MD Psychiatrist

Dr. Surette is excited to work with you at Principium to help you achieve your mental health goals. 

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Dr. Surette believes deeply in a multifaceted approach to treating psychiatric illness based on each individual patient’s goals and preferences for care. He utilizes various psychopharmacologic and psychotherapeutic techniques to treat a wide variety of conditions, drawing on his experience caring for patients across multiple settings including emergency, inpatient, and outpatient. He provides a solutions-focused approach to mental health that includes not only treating underlying concerns, but also helping patients to utilize their own strengths and build coping skills and strengthen resilience to help them to navigate life’s ups and downs. Dr. Surette is committed to helping you achieve your full potential through eliminating symptoms and improving quality of life. Dr. Surette is versed in cutting edge psychopharmacology, a variety of psychotherapies, and interventional psychiatry including ketamine, TMS, and ECT. In addition, Dr. Surette is a group therapist at the Principium Intensive Outpatient Program.

Dr. Surette looks forward to meeting you and helping you to be the best the version of yourself!