New Principium Psychiatry Wall Street Location

Expected Grand Opening – July 6th

Principium Psychiatry now offers psychiatry services in Lower Manhattan near Wall Street. Located in the historic Standard Oil Building, our new office at 26 Broadway offers the same cutting-edge services as our offices on 57th Street. With locations in Upper and Lower Manhattan, we hope to make innovative psychiatric care more accessible to our patients.

About the Standard Oil Building

John D. Rockefeller originally had the Standard Oil Building built in 1885 to demonstrate the influence of his oil company. During the early 20th century, many people considered it an important symbol of Manhattan’s wealth. Today, the Standard Oil Building features 31 floors of commercial space for businesses, organizations and health practices.

Psychiatry Services and Therapies Available at Principium

At our Wall Street location, we will offer the same services as our Columbus Circle office. Our treatments include:

Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology

We provide comprehensive psychotherapy and psychopharmacology services for a wide range of mental health diagnoses. During psychotherapy, the therapist and patient discuss the patient’s thoughts and experiences in a confidential environment. The therapist then helps the patient understand their feelings and learn coping skills for their condition. Psychopharmacology involves the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders with medicine. Patients who receive this service receive prescription medications, monitoring and adjustment.

Ketamine Therapy and Treatment Near Wall Street

Patients with treatment-resistant depression may benefit from ketamine therapy, a new approach to antidepressants. At Principium, we provide a form of ketamine therapy known as esketamine therapy that uses the medicine SPRAVATO™. Treatment with SPRAVATO™ involves visits to our office, where you will take the medication and receive monitoring from one of our doctors. At our Wall Street and 57th Street locations we also offer IV ketamine infusions.

TMS Therapy in Lower Manhattan

To provide our patients with psychiatry’s most innovative evidence-based treatments, we also offer transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy. During TMS therapy, a magnetic coil stimulates parts of the patient’s brain related to mood and function. This stimulation increases brain activity to counteract the lack of activity caused by depression.


For your convenience, we offer select services through telepsychiatry, a remote form of psychiatry. During telepsychiatry, the psychiatrist provides treatment to the patient over a video call. We offer telepsychiatry services for routine treatment sessions to make care more accessible for our patients.

Concierge Services

Patients who need extensive psychiatric care may benefit from our concierge psychiatry services. For a set fee, you can have more flexible appointment scheduling and telephone access to our providers.

Benefits of Our New Office Location

We opened our Wall Street office to make our services more accessible to people who work in the area. Some of our treatments, such as ketamine therapy and TMS, require frequent appointments. With our new location, patients can more easily schedule these services around their work obligations. People who live in Bowling Green, Tribeca, FiDi, SoHo, and downtown Brooklyn and nearby neighborhoods can also take advantage of the convenience of our new office.

Book an Appointment for Psychiatry Services in Lower Manhattan

Dr. Cohen and the providers at Principium Psychiatry can help you manage your mental health using innovative approaches. Schedule an appointment today using our online booking tool.

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