Practice Statement

Dr. Cohen’s practice offers comprehensive treatment for mood and anxiety disorders. In addition to psychopharmacology and psychotherapy, Dr. Cohen’s office offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), a medication-free alternative treatment for depression and other disorders; Ketamine, a cutting-edge psycho-pharmacological approach to depression; and pharmaco-genetic testing to help guide the approach to medication. 

Concierge Services

Concierge Practice

In addition to a standard, pay per appointment practice, Dr. Cohen has developed his concierge practice as a way to provide more flexible care to his patients.

Concierge patients will have increased flexibility regarding appointments, rescheduling, and telephone access to Dr. Cohen. The concierge medicine model allows Dr. Cohen to be more flexible with his schedule and more accessible to his patients.

With both an excellent in-house team and a network of New York City’s best doctors, Dr. Cohen is able to ensure that his patients receive first-rate care with two goals in mind: attending to problems and preventing them before they even happen.

To inquire about or register for Dr. Cohen’s concierge practice, please contact us at or 212-335-0236.

Personalized Concierge Psychiatry in NYC

When you need in-depth outpatient care from a mental health care professional, consider Principium concierge services. The benefits of concierge psychiatry include:

  • Personalized attention: Concierge services give doctors and patients more time to get to know each other. As a result, patients receive more personalized care.
  • Cost consolidation: Paying a concierge fee gives you access to multiple services. This process can help some patients consolidate their mental health care costs, especially if they need frequent visits.
  • Better access to care: Patients who participate in concierge psychiatry can contact their doctor directly and schedule appointments more easily.

The Principium Team’s Background and Credentials

Dr. Cohen and the team at Principium have extensive experience in multiple mental health care specialties. Their achievements and credentials include:

  • Faculty roles at institutions like Cornell University and Columbia University
  • Training from health care organizations like Mount Sinai
  • American Psychiatric Association fellowship
  • American Nurses Association membership
  • Sigma Thea Tau International membership
  • TMS technician certification
  • NYC medical marijuana registration

Our Primary Psychiatric Services

At Principium, we combine foundational psychiatric services with new evidence-supported approaches. Our psychiatry treatments include:

Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology

Many patients receive a combination of psychotherapy and psychopharmacology in their mental health treatment. During psychotherapy, the patient talks about their thoughts and feelings with a therapist. This process helps them learn new coping skills and develop new thinking patterns. Psychopharmacology involves the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions with medicine. Your Principium psychiatrist will help you find the right medication for your diagnosis.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders can impact a patient’s physical and mental health, requiring attentive care. At Principium, our eating disorder treatment services include different types of therapy that help patients address eating behaviors. The Principium team can work with primary care providers and other doctors to coordinate the physical aspects of eating disorder treatment.

TMS Therapy

NeuroStar transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) treatment uses magnetic pulses to stimulate the brain to address depression. This FDA-approved treatment has years of evidence showing its effectiveness for treatment-resistant depression.

Ketamine Therapy

Principium offers a type of ketamine therapy known as SPRAVATO™, a form of esketamine that comes as a nasal spray. This treatment has data supporting its positive results in patients with treatment-resistant depression. Principium also offers IV ketamine infusions for depression.

Medical Marijuana

The treatment providers at Principium also have medical marijuana certification. Talk to your doctor to see if medical marijuana could help your mental health condition.

Concierge Telepsychiatry Services Also Available

We can offer many of our routine services through telepsychiatry, a form of psychiatry delivered over a video call. Our telepsychiatry services increase comfort and accessibility for many of our patients, enhancing their care experience. Concierge patients can request telepsychiatry services when they need fast face-to-face communication with their doctor.

Schedule an Appointment for Manhattan Concierge Psychiatry Therapy

During your initial consultation, you can discuss concierge services with our team. Begin treatment at Principium Psychiatry by scheduling your first appointment.

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