Practice Statement

Dr. Cohen’s practice offers comprehensive treatment for mood and anxiety disorders. In addition to psychopharmacology and psychotherapy, Dr. Cohen’s office offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), a medication-free alternative treatment for depression and other disorders; Ketamine, a cutting-edge psycho-pharmacological approach to depression; and pharmaco-genetic testing to help guide the approach to medication. 

New York Medical Marijuana

Principium Psychiatry Now Offers Medical Marijuana Treatment

Under New York Law, individuals who suffer from certain serious illnesses may possess and use medical marijuana to treat the effects of those illnesses. To obtain marijuana for medical use, the patient must meet the following requirements:

  • must be (i) a resident of New York State, or (ii) receiving care and treatment in New York State;
  • must be suffering from at least one “serious condition” that makes him or her eligible for medical marijuana, as provided by law;
  • must be certified to receive medical marijuana by a physician who is treating the patient for the qualifying condition and who is properly licensed to issue such certifications.

Generally, a patient certified for medical marijuana may not possess at any one time more than a 30-day supply of the medicine.  However, the law permits patients to obtain a new 30-day supply during the last 7 days of their previous 30-day supply.  In the process of certifying the patient, the physician will determine the amount of medicine the patient needs for a 30-day supply.  The physician will also prescribe the form and method by which the patient should administer the medicine. Currently, approved forms of medical marijuana are liquids and oil to be used with a vaporizer or an inhaler, and capsules for oral ingestion.

Please note: the law does not permit smoking medical marijuana in any circumstance; edible products are also not permitted.

Patients who are certified for medical marijuana may designate up to two caregivers to obtain and administer medical marijuana products on behalf of the patients.  Each designated caregiver must register with the Department of Health, as described below.

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